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Who We Are


South of Downtown Community Development Organization enriches quality of life for residents of Near South and Everett neighborhoods through collaboration, economic opportunities, and community development.


South of Downtown Community Development Organization enhances vibrant neighborhoods that provide equitable opportunities for all to thrive.


  • Inclusivity:

    We value the variety that makes the community vibrant. We honor differences and seek cooperative coexistence. We value the preservation and development of diverse, affordable housing choices, preventing displacement and expanding the range of economic opportunities for residents.

  • Accessibility:

    We are committed to improving communication between the various stakeholders in our community’s development. We seek to remove barriers, broadening meaningful participation in community development work.

  • Community-based:

    We work towards collaboration and partnership, incorporating the views of various stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial and equitable results.

  • Integrity:

    We foster an environment of transparency and honesty that is built on listening, respect and openness.

  • Resident-centered:

    We recognize that every member of our community is an asset. We look to residents first to guide the development of solutions that improve quality of life in our neighborhoods. We draw from the many kinds of resident experience and expertise to ensure sustainability of our projects over time.

  • Innovation:

    We value ambitious, creative, bold ideas and actions that improve quality of life for residents.

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